Sunday, February 18, 2007

HAPPY CNY :D greetings from cs , welll i tink most of your common test are over already right. whatever it is , good luck for all your results etc ! i shall boost abit about my chemistry because i got36/40 praise me hail me . hmmm yes next week u guys free to pay mr goh a visit during chinese new year? will update more about the trip heree. okay ill stop here, All the best with love !

4:05 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥


bet most of you are visiting your relatives and having a great time counting all your $$$红包$$$ yea?? :)
so.. the poor me w/o relatives to visit shall update this blog.

hmm. me and gladys went back to kcpps on friday. and realised that only a few went back. all of you must be really busy yea? cs got tournament.. so he didn't organise gathering..xinpei has CIP... and well..
ANYWAY. CS's gonna organise class gathering, most probably on the next saturday. :D to visit MR GOH's HOME SWEET HOME. :D :D :D
remember to bring oranges people~
oh. and most importantly, leave your saturday free.~

sec 3 life is really really much stressful and the work's really getting tougher..
like for me.. i bloody failed my maths.== 11/50.
so. everyone must work hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! so as not to mrs loo/mdm noraini/soh/mr goh [actually PE cannot fail one la.. {i think}hha]be disappointed with us.

jiayou everyone!! CNY is still a new year.. so if you all didn't do quite well in the past 7 weeks.. just forget them! and start afresh in the new year. :D

JIAYOU!!!!!! :)

12:47 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

Monday, January 29, 2007


happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday to XUANDE happy birthday to you,

oh well all the best for you and ur running career okay, u can really run like omg, 3k national champs last year, YES WORK HARD AND MAINTAIN UR PRESTIGIOUS CROWN MY DEAR FRIEND. Guess what people ! common test is like coming soon, yeah good luck to ur test and stuff , march holidays another outing so watch out for more details my dearest agapians !

8:25 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to CHISHUN!!!!!!
Happy birthday to you!

:D Hope all those that went for the celebration had fun yesterday really. (: It was quite nice to see y'all after such a long time. &All of us have like change a lot but I still see the bond there. (: Yaye, I think our class is like really special so we have to cherish it! :D Hahaha hope we'll still celebrate birthdays next year together. &Xuande's birthday is coming up soon! 29th January! (: And for now, continue studying hard everyone! (: Don't get stressed out by sec 3 life, must remember to have fun! :D Love y'all!

Lots of love,

10:43 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

Monday, January 08, 2007

THIS WAS THE METAMORPHOSIS DANCE PERFORMANCE :D i performed a few songs with my band and it was really super cool okay , than we presented some flowers to our dearest mrs chong who is leaving kcpps , : ( as in shes no more the principal there anymore.

12:31 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

HELLLO TO ALL 6agapians : D ITS LIKE REALLY LONG ALREADY , and we're all in sec 3, sooo its time to grow up and study harder, OMG Olvls yuck, i know we all hate that but anyway waiteng changed the skin of the blog and lets hope its revived : D

HMM im kind of starting to rmb the days before psle like we're all studying freaking hard , SUCH SWEET MEMORIES,

YES HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE OKAY, decemeber has been a really really busy month for me so i apologise for not having as much outings , but lets meet in march holidays !

Samuel Ang Wei Rong - 15/12
Xiao Kang - 22/12
Samuel Lee 05/01

Agape always have this tradition of celebrating peoples birthday late so probably lets give them a good good celebration ! SEE YOU PEOPLE SOON, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR SCHOOL AND STUFF


12:22 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

Saturday, January 06, 2007

YAYE. (: I've updated. Hope everyone of you likes it. (: &Please tell me your links if any of you agapians have a blog okay? (: Visit the blog often for updates! :D Enjoy sec 3 life & study hard! I love y'all! :D I know I rock, so don't have to tell me. (: Thank you thank you, hahahaha.

Lots of Love, waiteng. (:

4:57 AM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello friends! :D Nobody has been updating this blog for a long time & that's bad >:( Anyway, why didn't we have any class gathering this holidays? >:( Nvm, meet during march hols okay. (: Anyway, hope all of you had fun this hols! :D &Tomorrow's like the 1st day of school of 2007. (: It's been 3 years since we've graduated from kuochuan & I'm really happy our friendship has lasted. (: Just wanna say I really love y'all & anyway, do you all wanna change blogskin for this blog? I've got some quite okay blogskins. Tell me if y'all want. I'll change it. (: &Update often. Anyway, work hard for 2007 & get good results! MUCH LOVE! (:

Love, waiteng. (:

Take a look at these blogskins anyway. (:

9:21 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥

Friday, October 27, 2006

hope that you'll grow taller!! if not, u can always spike ur hair HIGHHIGH. hahaha.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
know that your exam starts on the 1st of november.. so GOOD LUCK yea?
we'll be praying for you while we play and slack our time away.. relaxing and enjoying our holidays. yes.

so. jiayou. :D

ok. i know i said this already. but then again...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:43 PM

&You know we'll always be here. ♥


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Plan a 6A gathering for march hols. (:

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